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New Boys Field Player Shoulder Pads Chest Protector Rules Effective January 2022

Effective January 1, 2022, shoulder pads for all boys' field players must be designed for lacrosse and meet NOCSAE standard ND200 to help address commotio cordis. 

NOCSAE ND200 is the first-ever performance standard for chest protection. Product compliance with ND200 reduces impact forces and thus the risk of commotio cordis (cardiac arrest due to a blow to the heart area). 

Effective January 1, 2021, the use of goalie chest protectors that meet the new NOCSAE performance standard were made mandatory in the USA Lacrosse boys’ and girls’ youth rules, the NFHS boys’ and girls’ high school rules, and the NCAA men’s and women’s rules.

All goalie and field chest protectors and shoulder pads must contain the NOCSAE logo and SEI certification mark on both the packaging and the product to be legal for play. Consumers can verify the certification status of equipment by accessing the SEI website at www.seinet.org/search.htm and clicking on NOCSAE: Commitio Cordis Protectors. 

See also: https://www.uslacrosse.org/safety/equipment/chest-protector-faq


Lacrosse Equipment Needs

BOYS:  U9 – U15

Boys are required to have the following:

·       lacrosse stick

·       cleats - rubber sole (soccer cleats are fine)

·       helmet

·       mouth guard

·       lacrosse gloves

·       shoulder pads that meet new NOCSAE performance standards ND200 to help address commotio cordis

·       elbow pads

·       athletic supporter with protective cup.

·       Rib pads are optional but recommended especially for older boy players.

GIRLS:  U9 – U15

Girls are required to have the following:

·       lacrosse stick

·       cleats - rubber sole (soccer cleats are fine)

·       goggles (must be SEI certified with visible stamp) See https://www.uslacrosse.org/safety/equipment/approved-eyewear-list and seinet.org for list of approved eyewear.

·       mouth guard (no strap)

·       Soft gloves are optional.  


Information to Follow

DEVELOPMENT LAX PUPS PROGRAM:   No equipment or uniform needed


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