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NYLA Board of Directors

The President shall be the official representative for NYLA and have general supervision of all related affairs. The President shall establish the agenda and preside at all meetings. The President will oversee the Operational Calendar, appointment of coaches, and coordinate player placement process..

Vice President – The Vice President will represent NYLA in the absence of the President at meetings or other NYLA gatherings.

The Treasurer shall manage the financial accounts and all finances of NYLA. The Treasurer will generate an Annual Report and provide all reimbursement funding.

The Secretary shall record and maintain records of all proceedings of the NYLA in an official book. The book will remain with the secretary during his tenure as secretary. Minutes will be published within one week of a meeting.

Registration Coordinator shall oversee publication of registrations dates and the registration of all players. The registrar will maintain all registration data including volunteers and wait lists. The registrar will also submit NYLA information to US Lacrosse in February for insurance purposes.

Girls Coordinator shall coordinate all coaching recruitment for girl’s teams. The Girls Coordinator will represent NYLA at all MBGLL Meetings and report pertinent information to the Board. In addition, the girls Coordinator will be the first line of communication for all girl’s team coaches regarding NYLA matters.

Boys Coordinator shall coordinate all coaching recruitment for boy’s teams. The Boys Coordinator shall represent NYLA at all MBYLL Meetings and report pertinent information to the Board. In addition, the Boys Coordinator will be the first line of communication for all boy’s team coaches regarding NYLA matters.

Coaching Development Coordinator shall develop and promote coach training programs and maintain a record of the training completed by coaches. The Coordinator will maintain an official manual which will be updated annually and distributed to each coach. The Coordinator will ensure all coaches have an update Cori on file.

Equipment Coordinator shall keep inventory of equipment owned by NYLA including field gear, uniforms and coaches bags. The Equipment Coordinator will submit a report in January demonstrating all intended purchases for the coming season. The Coordinator will work with the Volunteer Field Manager to oversee proper lining of the field throughout the season.

Volunteer Coordinator shall oversee the recruitment of all volunteers and assignment of volunteers according to interest. The Coordinator will meet with volunteers as necessary and communicate any necessary information on behalf of NYLA. The Coordinator will provide weekly snacks for the NYLA Hospitality Tent.

Website Manager shall over see the maintenance of the NYLA website and serve as the official administrator of the site.