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Girls Lax Curriculum - 2021 (Goals, Drills, Links to Videos, Model Practice Plans...)


2021 Practice Approach:  1st practice of each week will be a combined group practice focusing on core skills – with goals and drills specified for each age group.  2nd practice will be team practices run by the coaches for that team.

1st Practice – Group Skills Practice:  For the 1st combined practice of the week, we/coaches should develop individual drills for each station with one coach taking the lead and general oversight, while others run individual stations (and switch the lead coach, who picks the specific drills, each week or so):

  • 1-2 coaches per stations
  • 4-5 stations depending on number of players
  • ~15 minutes at each stations
  • group players according to skill level
  • run the same drills for all groups, but demand more from higher skilled groups (by quickening pace, etc.)
  • repetition is GOOD, fundamentals are PARAMOUNT – Repeat drills, adding new drills as the season progressives

2nd Practice – Team Practice:  For the second weekly practice (team practices), focus more on team and game dynamics and specific player development.  Coaches for each team should develop their own team practice plan (you can share plans or decide to designate a coach to come up with a plan for a certain practice for all teams in that group).  If a team expects to be short coaches one night, let the other coaches know ahead of time so they can step in to help run that team’s practice – but try to keep the team together that day if possible.

Curriculum:  Below is a Curriculum that Cat prepared to help you develop practice plans, particularly for the group skills practices.  It doesn't dictate exactly what drills you have to run, but lists drills to choose from, goals, station ideas within each age group, etc…

Girls Lax Curriculum - 2021 (Goals, Drills, Links to Videos, Model Practice Plans...)

Sample Practice Plans - From 2021 for 7/8 Group

Sample Practice Plans - From 2014 for 5/6 Group

Sample Practice Plans - From 2012 for 3/4 Group

Sample Pre-Season Planning Guide - From 2013 for 5/6 Group

Defensive Tips - Forcing the Ball Carrier (from US Lax Guidebook)

Free Space Rule (from US Lax Guidebook)

Basic Field Diagram


MBGLL Coaching Resources: Click Here to Follow Link to MBGLL Resources

US Lax – Coaching Resources: Click Here to Follow Link to US Lax Coaching Resources

US Lax provides many great coaching resources, including

  • “Youth Rules & Best Practices Guidebook for Girls." To download click here

  • Online Resources under “Coaching Resources,” including

    • Drills Archive

    • Mobile Coach – great drill videos that you can watch on your phone/computer

    • “Ropes Video – Shooting Space (Girls)”

  • Online Training Courses & Resources that you can refer back to after completing the course

  • Workbooks – as handed out at the US Lax live clinics